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    Welcome to TCF Auto Wholesale

    TCF Auto Wholesale LLC is a wholesale focused, retail licensed pre-owned car dealership located in Oak Park, MI. Our main focus is wholesaling higher dollar, late model low mile Pickups and SUV’s. We buy the majority of our inventory from new car stores as fresh trade ins. Because of these relationships, we have the unique opportunity to buy quality pre-owned cars of all price ranges at attractive prices. Often, they are one owner cars, or cars owned for an extended period of time that have been well maintained and looked after, that have been traded in on a new car purchase. We do not deal in rebuilt or salvage branded vehicles, and most of our vehicles are accident free. Our objective is to provide a quality car, an honest sales experience and the maximum value for your hard earned money on your next vehicle purchase.

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    • Simcha Tolwin

      I went to TCF auto looking for a late model car used car and the experience was fantastic. I expected a hard sell on a car out of my budget, and instead felt very comfortable. I felt like they were looking for whatever I was looking for, the customer really was first. The staff was knowledgable, they had a great selection of cars and the prices were excellent.

    • JosefnAviva Fort

      These are honest good people. It's really important to trust the people you're working with, especially when you're entrusting the life of your family and yourself with what they're giving you. I could not recommend them more.

    • Sean Murphy

      This was by far the easiest car buying transaction I have ever had. No dealer fees. No processing fees. No hassle. No hard pressure. I couldn't be happier. I will be back

    • Henna Milworn

      This dealership is a hidden gem. I would say its the best bang for your buck . There are no added fees what you see is what you get and I love that especially in the used car industry. The staff is hardworking and honest. This is a great place to buy a car!

    • Fort Knox Entertainm...

      Quick smooth transaction. Was in and out within 2 hours. Plus the truck I bought had low miles and drives great.